Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ding Ding Ding

Sorry for the lack of consistent updates. I have been recovering from being sick...again. Thank-you, daughter of mine, for kind.

Last week I had a green smoothie most mornings so, by the end of the week you would think that I would feel great. Not. I had a headache the size of Texas, I was nauseated (no, I am not pregnant, thank-you very much), I was breaking out on my face and craving all the wrong foods. I assumed all of these symptoms were PMS related (TMI? Sorry.) so I gave into my cravings knowing that they would only last for a day or 2. By "giving in", I consumed homemade pizza, reese's bunnies, ice cream and m&m's. Not all in the same day and not the entire quantity but enough to counter effect my hard work from the previous days.

The calendar doesn't lie. It's way too early to be having these symptoms. I didn't put two and two together until about 1 hour ago. I returned from my morning walk and had a monster of a headache. "Not again," I thought. I had also noticed yesterday that my face was breaking out again, too. Surely this isn't PMS. Then, I thought about my green smoothie breakfast and


Of course, I've experienced this before when I was on a Raw Food diet before Liesl was born. D-E-T-O-X. Moodiness. Break outs. Nausea. Headaches. Sugary, high fat food cravings. It all makes sense. Unlike last week, I'm not "giving in". I'm going to stick out the side effects because in 2-4 days, they'll be gone and I'll be healthier.

Back to last week, my binge episode, that I'm not proud of btw, effected my weigh-in. I did lose 1 pound but I put in a heck of a workout week that 1 pound could have been a lot more. I can't change the past though, can I? I fell to temptation, repented and, by grace alone, I am still standing.

I have decided to incorporate running back into the exercise regime. It's time. I've been walking for a few weeks along with the LCW DVD so I am ready. Because I've been sick, my 6 week DVD program is turning into more a 7- 7 and a half week program. But I'm okay with that. I will complete it even if it's not in the amount of time suggested. As for running, M-W-F seems to be a good start. I'm also not going to start any kind of "formal" training/program for running until I am finished with the DVD. I'm still not sure which, if any, DVD I will try next. I may just focus on running and do a workout DVD on the side..who knows..

Until we meet again..

...enjoy spring!

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