Monday, April 12, 2010

Pants on the Ground vs. Wedgies

I just completed Day 1, Week 2 of the C25k program.Whew. I had hyped myself up over the weekend by thinking it was going to be brutal. When my phone's alarm clock went off at 5:30 a.m., there was no hesitation at hitting the snooze on it. My husband said something to me about getting up and running--I think it was supposed to be encouraging but all I wanted to do was hit him for talking while I was trying to snooze 15 minutes longer. Snoozing more just wasn't in the plan this morning. I found out that my new phone was set to repeat alarm every 5 minutes. Evil.

10 minutes later I was dressed, laced and ready to go. Ipod and phone in hand, I went out to face the chilly morning air. After my 5 minute warm-up walk, I began my first 90 second run. The run, itself, went well. I did have wardrobe malfunctions. Actually, I thought my running attire wouldn't pose another problem but it's a recap.
..(Warning: a bit of TMI)

Wednesday's run: I had to hold my pants up during the first 60 seconds. They were falling off. During the 90 second walk, I tied the drawstring so tight that it left a lovely ring around my waist. Even with the drawstring tied tight they needed to be held up.

Friday's run: Different pants, no drawstring. The first 60 seconds had my underwear falling around my hips and my pants sliding down with them. AHHHH! I'm sure it looked pretty ridiculous to passerby's. During the 90 second walk, I pulled my underwear up and found the only way to keep them up during a run was to impose on my self a wedgie. Yes, I just went there. My pants were similar. No drawstring=Urkel style pants. At least my shirt was covering them up!

Today's run: I was optimistic. I bought smaller size underwear this weekend and I was wearing my favorite, very worn, grey, capri, drawstring pants. I hadn't adjusted the drawstring since the beginning of March, so I should have expected what was to come. Friday's mishaps repeated themselves. Self-imposed wedgie and really tight drawstring.

(End TMI)

Lesson learned. I need proper running attire. My old workout clothes just aren't going to cut it anymore. Sure, they are great for a DVD workout or walking, but running requires a little more. Good thing I have a birthday in a few weeks ;) I, also, think that cotton on cotton can prove to be a disastrous pant/underwear combination.

And, for those of you driving to work around 5:45-6:30 a.m. in my area, I am so sorry if you had to witness any of that! I promise it won't happen again....until the next time it does.

I headed out on Saturday a.m. with my camera in hand to capture the beautiful sunrise. This is one reason why running/walking in the early hours is completely worth it.

In case of collapsing while running, I am within a half a mile from a hospital. Ha.

Any good running wardrobe advice????


  1. Great pics. I've got to be comfortable when I'm running. Def. couldn't have handled a wedgie to much restriction by the drawstring.

  2. Girl you are working your butt off! Good job!


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