Friday, December 4, 2009


You know the saying "the proof is in the pudding." Well, I had that pudding; that warm, gooey, chocolatey pudding and it was good. Every year I always watch 'Little Women' and eat warm pudding, this year was no different. With the holiday season in full swing I am trying to find a balance between eating healthy and not completely depriving myself of they yummy sweets the season brings with it. So far, the balance this week has been successful but it's required my constant attention. I would much prefer putting on my blinding shades and digging in.

Thanksgiving week was last week and while I didn't lose weight, I did lose inches. 4 and a half to be exact :) Mexican food, ice cream, stuffing and mashed potatoes were the major contributors to my not losing weight. Jillian Michael's, and waking up at 5 every morning, is the reason I lost inches. Woot!

I've told myself that I would only step on the scale once a week on Monday. I just couldn't resist this week. I've controlled my eating and worked out pretty hard so I wanted a peek. I'm glad I did, although I won't call this official until Monday. 5 lbs--since Monday! (And that's after breakfast!) It was like Christmas morning! Now, all I have to do is be mindful this weekend. Weekend's are usually the hardest because Michael's home and I relax a bit more.

Mondays I will start posting my weight loss or gain (I am soooo not brave enough to post my actual weight..yet) and inches lost. See you then!

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