Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Mark

Oh, the bittersweet you are. On one hand, Michael and I get to spend time as a family. On the other hand, I have more freedom because the car is available and after being at home for most of the week, I want OUT! This weekend we were going to have a "date night" while Liesl slept--Pizza and a movie. I had prepared myself mentally and calorie wise for pizza. I was careful all day. When we went to get the pizza from New York Pizza, we were saddened to see that they've been on vacation all week and weren't open. Boo. Now, for plan B- CiCi's Pizza. I thought it was a good compromise because they had salad and pizza. I wasn't prepared for the cinnamon buns!!!!!!!! MMMmmmMMMmMmmM so yummy. Plus, I had a coke.

Sunday was o.k. I didn't eat much for lunch but went on a 3.5 mile walk instead. Of course, I was pooped after that and still had to be coherent enough for choir practice so I used the Starbucks gift card that's been burning a hole in my pocket for months.

Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Grande. My standard Christmas drink.

After church, dinner was salsa, green onions, reduced fat sour cream and tortilla chips. My biggest mistake this weekend was when I bought Christmas M&M's in preparation for Friday (toddler Christmas shindig thingy!) where I plan on making cookies using Christmas M&M's and chocolate chips. Rather than leaving them in the cupboard, I opened them. Last night, while playing a video game with Michael, I had the munchies and the M&M's did the trick. I stopped myself after a few large handfuls and gave the back to the hubby. As of right now, the M&M's and chocolate chips for Friday's Christmas cookies are in the car headed to work with Michael where they will be safe!
After my so-so weekend, I stepped on the scale this morning with my head hung low. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't gain weight, but didn't lose any either. I'll take it! After measuring myself this morning, I've lost 3.75 inches this past week. s l o w l y it seems, but I know that 5 pounds and 3.75 inches is a lot to lose in a week. It seems slow when you put weight on so fast!

Here's a picture taken Sunday at church. I don't have many pictures of myself taken these days but this is for my Grandmother-in-love so it had to be done. I'll get a full length picture on here one of these days!

Here is to a healhty, active week!

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