Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday (ish) Mark

I had every intention of posting yesterday but as I sat at the computer around 8 p.m. my eyelids began to droop and I chose the bed over blog.

Yesterday was weigh in and measurement check day. I must say that after putting in a full 6 days of workouts I am disappointed. The scale was only 1 pound lighter. 1 pound...really??? Folks, I have been so sore all week long and to only have the scale budge one measly pound is a let down. I am trying to think positively, though, and look at the circumstances. Circumstance: I am female--and water retention is pretty normal during part of the month. I suppose I'll truly find out how much next Monday!

On a more positive note, my hips are shrinking! I haven't lost inches in my hips since the end of November, even with losing weight, but I have lost an inch and a half this past week. Woo hoo! Only a bazillion more to go! ;)

Post Workout Glow is a post every month or so by one of the blogs I enjoy reading. She challenges people to be take a picture of yourself after your workout. Doing this "proves to themselves they are beautiful when they take care of themselves. They glow when they allow their body to be the healthy functioning machine it is." And while I don't necessarily feel beautiful after a workout, I like the picture because it shows how freakin' hard I worked. Do the same for yourself. Even if you don't show it to the world you can keep it as proof of your hard work when you're retaining water! :)

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  1. Inches are what matter girl! Dont forget about alll the muscle youre building!
    I love the picture by the way. I kinda like the way I look after a workout. My skin is at its best at that moment. Too bad we cant keep the glow w/out the sweat!


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