Tuesday, March 23, 2010

good golly..

miss molly!! I am sore! Between the 'Last Chance Workout' DVD, walking every morning and breaking ground for my garden I would say I have truly put in my fair share of exercise. As a result, I am 2 pounds lighter! Woo! I counted my calories starting Thursday of last week and managed to succeed in keeping them between 1200-1500 most days. I walked 5 days out of 7 and am noticing that it is time for a tennis shoe upgrade!! I have had these sneakers since 07'and they are beginning to feel that old. I have an old injury in one of my feet that is proving to be a real nuisance. Hopefully getting new shoes will help in the remedy.

This is one of my favorite foods: Green Smoothie! This particular one is made with kale, banana, frozen unsweetened peaches and a bit of O.J. It has roughly 250 calories and is one heck of an energy boost! It also has the stamp of approval from my 21 month old. I am going to try to eat one "raw" meal a day this week--probably in the form of this smoothie. I urge you to try one. I use a blender for mine. Kale can be kind of tough to break up but if I put just the kale and O.J. in the blender first and let it go while I get the other ingredients together it helps.

Does anyone else have any awesome smoothie recipes???

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