Sunday, March 7, 2010


I love making goals. I frequently ponder new possibilities for goals. Occasionally, I write them down. Yet very few are ever reached. With weight loss, I believe having goals are very essential. I have always made the mistake of just using numbers. "I am going to be ###, by 00/00/0000. " My goals are usually ambitious and, while at the time of making them I am completely motivated and focused, I often get discouraged when life happens, I eat too much, get sick, injured, it's a Monday, I'm having a bad hair day..blah blah blah. Whatever the reason, the goal isn't met.

Problem: unrealistic expectations.

Do I really need to set a date on a goal weight? Yeah, sure, if I have 20 pounds to drop. But with such a massive undertaking as mine, baby steps are called for. And maybe. Just maybe the goals don't even need to involve counting pounds. Recording my weight is necessary but using it as a goal may be a mistake. Instead, perhaps making short range goals, mid-range goals and ultimate goals are the tickets. And what do you know...I happen to have some already made

Short Range Goals
*Finish 'Last Chance Workout' DVD Program
*Run 5 minutes consecutively
*Eat a veggie/fruit with every meal
*Be mindful of calories consumed
*Continue blogging my 'Monday Mark'
*Lose 5 inches in my waist
*Hike twice a month

Mid-Range Goals
*Run 1o minutes consecutively
*Have 2 vegetarian days per week
*Fit into clothes I already own
*Go on a day hike
*Find a workout/weight loss buddy
*Run a mile
*Run a 5K
*Cut out all processed foods (perhaps this is a long term goal..not sure)
*Be able to wear my wedding rings (for those wondering why I don't wear them, I can't..haven't been able to since the 2nd trimester of pregnancy with Liesl)

Long Range Goals
*Run a half marathon
*Hike the Grand Canyon (I want to do this for my 30th birthday)
*Buy all new clothes because the ones I have don't fit :)
*Have a waist measuring less than 35inches (ultimately less, but this or less is healthiest for preventing heart disease and diabetes)

I have a goal weight and I have weight loss goals but if I focus on the number instead of the overall health of my body then I am missing out on celebrating all of the other "non scale" victories. And I want to celebrate as much as possible!

Tomorrow is weigh in day...see you then!

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