Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-in

I have had one of those weeks. One of those weeks that makes you wonder if all of your hard work is worth it, and then you decide it's not and give up.

(The broken glass is a product of a story later to come..)

That week was last week. I was so bummed about not being able to get my eating under control. I was overwhelmed and stressed with caring for my daughter by myself b/c my husband's job kept him gone longer than usual (disaster work). I was feeling like a failure because week 4 of the C25k was kicking my butt.

During my funk/craziness, I cut my hair. No, I did not get a hair cut. I took my scissors and razor and went to town on my head. In the process of cutting my hair, I broke my mirror. I didn't slam it against the wall or anything. I just stepped on it.

My guardian angel/fairy godmother came in the form of a friend who caffeinated me on Wednesday, rescued my daughter and me from our house (no car for this stay at home mommy!) for the day on Thursday and swept me away for an outing MINUS CHILD on Saturday. I try not to complain about my station and current "job" because I know so many mom's would love to be a stay at home mom, but there are times when it's just overwhelming. With only one car for our family, a tight budget (but who's isn't?) and not being within walking distance of a park or store or even friends- a girl can just go a bit stir crazy, especially with as much rain that has fallen this month! So, it was such a blessing to have an ear to hear the complaints, and know that she had been there, done that and come out on the other side. Mostly sane. ;)

My other shining light came in the form of my husband. If you know him, you'll know he's not a veggie eater. He loves pizza, bread and cheese; and has a metabolism that lets him eat that way without puffing up his body. If I ate that way? Well, we all see what happened when I did. Anyway, he told me on Friday that he wanted to do the 21 Day Daniel Fast. So, for him to say he was ready to cleanse his system of caffeine and other junk by eating nothing but veggies and fruit and drinking nothing but water was a big deal! This also provided me a great chance to refocus my energies on eating right, and the Why of it all. I admit, though, I have stuck with the "diet" aspect of this more than the "fasting" part. My goal is to make it more fasting than diet, however. I am on Day 5-and only minimal sugar cravings. A good sign, I think.


Now, to the reason for the post in first place. (took me long enough to get here!) Weigh-in. Last week, due to my funk, I actually forgot to weigh-in. I'm pretty sure last week's weigh-in would have resulted in a gain-I'm positive of that fact, actually. My clothes were fitting a bit tighter in the waist from all of the junk I had put in my body. This week? I knew there would be a loss, even with T.O.M. appearing.

Weigh-in Results: -1.4

This OFFICIALLY puts me at losing over 30 pounds so far!

I am repeating Week 4 of Couch to 5k and continuing on Level 2 of the '30 Day Shred' this week. My workouts combined with my diet changes should make for an interesting weigh-in next week...

Lastly, and least:

On the Saturday excursion, we went to an Antique Barn. These guys were soooo creepy I couldn't NOT take a picture and share it with you! I kind of want to go back and get them!

How have YOU ALL been doing???????

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  1. Hi there! I haven't checked in to your blog for a while now. Wow, that was quite a post! You do have a lot of things that could get in your way of progress. I was a stay at home mom to but never without a car. Plenty of times without money but always a way to at least get out of the house. I feel your pain there. I also feel your pain with the 30 day That is one hard workout. I never got beyond level 2. I am however considering starting it again but so far considering is as far as I've gotten. I do want to congratulate you on your over 30lb loss! That is fabulous! I have lost that much before and know there is nothing easy about it. Keep up the great work and be proud of all you have accomplished!!


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