Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Insurance and Wednesday Weigh-in

Insurance companies--bleh.

Today was supposed to be my prosthesis molding, but my insurance company has decided to give us the run around. I don't know about you but I don't have $400 set aside for my feet and the reason I HAVE insurance is for that very reason. So, instead I have to play their games and try a more "conventional method" of fixing my problem. I have to wear generic inserts which are already causing the same pain I was in before. They don't support me enough. I have to suffer through these inserts for 3 weeks, then I return to the Dr. to follow up on how they are doing.

Exercising is going to be just loads of fun these next 3 weeks...
On a happier note I weighed in today 1.6 pound less than last week! I said on Monday that I wasn't expecting much because my eating has been a bit out of control. I am pleasantly surprised by this loss. It makes me wonder what kind of weight loss I would have had if I watched what I ate, too. I guess we'll find out next week because I am determined to lose AT LEAST 1.4 pounds to round out a total of 30 pounds so far. That's my goal for next week.

Since I haven't mentioned my actual weight, I feel it's important to share something with everyone. One of the ways I track each week is by measuring. Here is a list of what I measure and how many inches I have lost since starting to track them on November 23, 2009.

Total Inches Lost
  • Right calf: - 1.5 inches
  • Right thigh: - 2 inches
  • Right upper arm: -1.5 inches
  • Bust: -4.5 inches
  • Waist: -7 inches
  • Hips: -6.5 inches
I love looking back at where I started. Sure, I have a LONG ways to go but I have already come so far! If you haven't started monitoring your progress by using something other than a scale, I strongly suggest that you do!
Monday I shared how I had been pretty lazy with preparing foods and eating healthy so I tried something new.

Tofu Lo Mein

C'mon now, you can't tell me that it doesn't look goooood!! It tasted as good as it looks, too! I never measure anything so I'll just post the ingredients with a general instruction :)

1/2 package Extra Firm Tofu
Lite Soy Sauce

100% Whole Wheat Spaghetti noodles (they're boiling in the background)
Sesame Seed Oil
Green Onions (chopped)
Carrots (finely chopped)
Lite Soy Sauce
Bit o' Sugar
Teriyaki Sauce (I only used this because I ran out of Soy)
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (barely used these)

I marinaded the tofu for about an hour then cooked it with some oil while the noodles were boiling. I added the carrots in about 10 minutes later and let them cook while the noodles were still cooking. I added the green onions in just before I put transferred the noodles over. Then, I added the soy, sugar, teriyaki and red pepper flakes.

I used whatever veggies I had in my kitchen. Had I had green peppers, red peppers or broccoli I would have added those in. Maybe not the broccoli. I hate broccoli. But I would have added it to my daughters' plate :)

It was yummy and it has my 23 month old daughter's approval.

I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hello Jessica! Congratulations on losing the weight you did. You and I have about the same amount of weight to lose. :o) I have 90 pounds to lose. It has been slow going and I have been in a rut for several months. But, I will not give up. I've been at it for a long, long time. I've lost 22 for good.

    Have a wonderful evening, Robin

  2. Whooo! Look at all those inches! Awesome Jessica!


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